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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Undergraduates interested in plant evolutionary biology are encouraged to inquire about research opportunities in the lab. The best time to begin undergraduate research is your sophomore year. Please reach out to Carrie with a statement of research interests.

Prospective Graduate Students

For prospective graduate students interested in population genetics and evolution, please send Carrie a CV and a description of your research interests (and how working with us would help you meet these interests).

Prospective Postdoctoral Fellows

We welcome inquiries from doctoral students interesting in pursuing postdoctoral research in the lab, particularly those with strong population genetics backgrounds. Please email Carrie a CV, a description of research interests and goals for postdoctoral training, and a description of your background and experience. Postdoctoral positions are contingent on current funding, but Carrie is always open to brainstorming a fellowship proposal (e.g., NSF / NIH).

About the University of South Carolina

UofSC is located in downtown Columbia, South Carolina. The campus has a rich history and a current focus on promoting new research.

You can contact Carrie at: